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The Google Penguin update in detail

Allintitle search results change with the latest penguin update

Broadly speaking, I personally in my opinion, this time Google is not just an update, but this cleansing for the content mass-spamming content, copy and paste and others. its effect, for a website that is 100% not copypaste or in accordance with the rules of penguin will ngerasain a significant increase in SERP, but create a website whose content gk wrong spamming, violating the rules or TOS google ..
clearly going "good bye my lover".
The Google Penguin update in detail
The Google Penguin update in detail

I frequently share ads to agan-agan-id through a blog I created to update the content of anti-spammingberikut I gave her tips below

Google came up with one of the most significant and important updates to their organic search algorithm on April 24th 2012. This worldwide update nicknamed penguin has led to huge consequences which have affected almost all websites in various ways. The major purpose of this penguin update is to look at over-optimized websites so that Google can rank the content in their search engine results page. The search engine result page is there because it is important, and it is not because the Google algorithm has been deployed with many search engine optimization techniques.
The Google Penguin algorithm puts strict guidelines on website optimization and accustomed a number of web spam factors, including keyword stuffing, cloaking, unnatural links and content spinning.
Opposing to popular belief, Google’s objective isn’t to run harsh with algorithm updates and reprimand every site until there are only very few good sites left. Google just wants to make the web a better and convenient place, and it does that by rewarding people who do things right with their websites.
Google Penguin: Not a change in how Google factors ranking
  • While Penguin is basically an algorithm update, it is not really a change in how Google factors ranking; it is just the official word that Google is taking action against some people trying to play with the search system of the search engines. Penguin targeted web spam. So, if instructions are followed to the latter, you shouldn’t have any consequences.
    To avoid any consequences or being affected in any way, the following guidelines should be followed.
  • All the keywords should be looked at keenly. This will be accomplished mainly by shunning writing your content first and then inserting keywords. It will look unnatural. Keywords should be in mind as you naturally incorporate them at the same time writing them down. Likewise the most important keywords should be put first in the title tag. It should be ensured that the brand name is available as well.
  • Link building should be diversified. This is achieved by having a higher number of brand name links than keyword links. This will also include your exact Universal Resource Locators as well. Links should be varied with diverse keywords. For example, if your main keyword is “red carpets,” try to find links that have text, such as “carpets that are red,” “carpets” and “a diversity of color of carpets”. Links that are not descriptive should be encouraged such as having links like “enter,” “website,” and “log in here” are good ways to keep your profile natural.
  • The content should be beefed up. Since good content will never hurt you the content should e beefed up. Blogs and updates should be made at least once every week. Whitepapers should also be put out. People love and embrace information. You should depict to them clearly on how you do things and also share your expertise where possible.
  • Lastly, hang on to your webmaster tools. Google is performing a great provision with Webmaster Tools. It is our straight linking to the search engine, and it gives us a wealth of material concerning how Google is looking at our website. In other instances, they give information when spam has run into your website.

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