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How to SEO Website, High Rank, and Top 1 in Google, Complete!

How to SEO Website, High Rank, and Top 1 in Google, Complete!

In my article this time, I want to talk about how to SEO a website and make it rank in Google (or at least the top four).

I know SEO is probably the thing that is not easy (maybe even intimidating) for most of you remember the number that need to be studied.

Five years ago when I used to be just starting out, for my own SEO it did seem a bit mysterious.

But after a few years to create a website, ranking it me, and has its own system to get high rankings in google constantly, I understand there was science behind search engine optimization.

Before I begin with a lengthy explanation of how me to download my websites SEO and ranking making one (or at least the last four pages) on Google, I would like to make a disclaimer first ...

That by following the guide I wrote this, I do not guarantee you can get high ranking in Google.

How to SEO Website, High Rank, and Top 1 in Google, Complete!
How to SEO Website, High Rank, and Top 1 in Google, Complete!

The results you'll get will depend on your experience, your instincts, your knowledge, and money that you have in your pockets to buy the things needed to be able to rank high in Google (yups, SEO is not free).

And that even though I've tried my best to provide any information as to post this, I am still rather this is NOT an SEO expert knows everything.

Risks to use the information in this page 100% is in your hands.

And with that disclaimer, let's start the guide

SEO guide us in this time, I will talk about my style of SEO techniques.

And to be honest, I was fairly complex technique - you may not understand some of the many terms in this guide, and process optimization which I always do my keyword research based on strong, so do not carelessly optimization.

Broadly speaking, this is what I usually do:

Where to start
Everyday people search the Internet for solutions to their problems.  Your quest for a top ranking in Google begins with knowing exactly what problem your website solves.

And you should be able to explain the problem that your website solves in 1 sentence.

Example: Nick’s Traffic Tricks show you how to get more traffic to your site.

Example: Bob’s website shows you how to get your poodle to stop peeing on your Persian rugs.

Example: Jim’s website shows you how to win a llama spitting contest.

If you don’t know what problem your website solves then you are in trouble, and all the keyword research & search engine optimization in the world won’t help.

A quick word about advertising

Most of you want to rank high in Google so you can get more traffic and ultimately make more sales. And knowing exactly what problem that your website solves will make it 100 times easier to find targeted and high converting advertisements for your site.

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Generate a keyword list
You need to generate a list of keywords and keyword phrases that best describe the types of searches that your target audience will be typing into Google.

For example, if your site is about how to jump higher then your list may include:

jump higher
jump height
increase jump
maximize jump
Try to come up with 4 to 10 keywords or phrases for your list.

You might also use an online thesaurus to come up with synonyms for your keywords.

Don’t worry if your list is not very long. In the next section I will show you a tool to generate a ton more keywords.

Keyword research part 1
Once you have a list keywords that you would like to possibly rank for it’s time to do some keyword research using Google’s free keyword research tool.

It’s very easy to use and I recommend sorting your search results by Global Monthly Search Volume. And what you’re looking for are relevant keywords that have the highest number of searches.

I made a quick video showing you exactly how to do this:
Keyword Research Part 1: Finding keywords with lots of searches

Keyword research part 2
In this phase of keyword research we want to determine how valuable different keywords are.

For example, if I had a website about dogs I would probably find that keywords related to stop barking dogs would be more valuable than keywords like dog tap dance lessons.

How to actually do this research is best explained in a video that I made:
Keyword Research Part 2: Finding keywords that are profitable

Keyword research part 3
The last step in your keyword research is to determine how much competition each keyword has.

Using the Google keyword tool you want to determine how many websites are competing for each keyword in your list.

The easiest way to explain how to do this is with a video I made:
Keyword Research Part 3: Evaluating Keyword Competition

Keyword research conclusion
In summary the keywords that you select for your website should match ALL of the following 4 criteria:

Keyword is related to your target audience
Keyword has enough searches each month to make it worth your time
Keyword is valuable enough
Keyword has an amount of competition that you are comfortable with
I did an experiment

A while back I did an experiment to see how fast I could rank for a silly keyword that had virtually no competition.

So I made a blog post with the title Biggest Absolute Failure. I knew that my blog platform would put the keyword phrase Biggest Absolute Failure in all the right places and I waited to see how long it would take Google to rank me for that particular keyword.

When I checked my rankings a couple hours later I was surprised to find that Google had ranked my blog post #1 for Biggest Absolute Failure.

I was excited about this but quickly realized that ranking for this keyword didn’t help me get targeted traffic. The phrase Biggest Absolute Failure wasn’t relevant to my niche, it wasn’t valuable, and no one was searching for it.

So when striving to rank high in Google make sure you are selecting keywords that match the 4 criteria in the list above.

Finding balance

Most likely you are not going to find the perfect keyword with tons of searches and no competition. Instead you’re going to have to find a balance between these things.

Avoid vague keywords

A lot of people want to rank for the keyword computers or real estate or dogs. The trouble with these keywords is that they are super competitive and you really have no idea what a person is really searching for.

For example, if someone searches for computers they might be looking for:

parts for computers
buy computers
computer repair shops in St. Louis
computer programming languages
the history of computers
news about computers
schools and classes about computers
movies about computers
Each of these terms has a very different audience and you have no idea what someone is really looking.  So do yourself a favor and avoid vague keywords.

I covered this in more detail in:
2 Reasons Your Keywords Suck (And How To Fix Them)

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But Nick, all this keyword research stuff sounds hard and time-consuming. I just want to rank high in Google and think about this stuff later.

Figuring out what problem your website solves and keyword research are the 2 most difficult things you will do to rank high in Google.

But they are the most important!

The domain that you purchase for your website will depend entirely on the keywords that you choose. If you skip keyword research you will buy the wrong domain and it will make it far more difficult to rank high.

Websites don’t just rank high in Google; they rank high for a specific keyword phrase. So make sure you rank high for the right keyword phrases.

More tools and resources

There are tons of keyword research tools and tutorials available to you that I did not cover in this post. To learn more about keyword research go check out Keyword Research 101.

Buy the right domain
Once you figure out what you’re ideal keyword is you need to get the domain that has those keywords in it.

For example if your target keyword phrase is
how to train hippopotamus ballerinas then ideally you would purchase the domain HowToTrainHippopotamusBallerinas.com.

Sometimes your ideal domain is taken so you may have to put dashes in between words. Another option is to put a filler word at the beginning or the end of your domain.

For example, if HowToTrainHippopotamusBallerinas.com was not available you might try

Get a .com

Whenever possible you should buy the .com. In my experience domains that end with .com or .org or .net rank better in Google and get more traffic.

I favor .com domains over .org & .net because of word-of-mouth marketing. For example, if I have a friend who wants to train his hippopotamus to be a ballerina I will refer him to my site HowToTrainHippopotamusBallerinas and he will usually assume that it is a .com.  If instead my website is HowToTrainHippopotamusBallerinas.org my friend has to remember one more thing about my website and is likely to forget that my domain ends in .org.

Learn more about picking the right domain:
Do You Have The Wrong Domain? 4 Tips For Choosing The Best Domain

But Nick, I already spent $10 on a domain. Do I really have to get a different one to rank in Google?

No you don’t, but it will be a lot harder to rank high with a crappy domain.

It’s kind of like running a marathon and asking, “If someone tied my hands behind my back would I still be able to complete the marathon?’  You could, in theory, still finish it but running a marathon is hard enough without any extra handicaps.

And ranking high in Google is a lot like running a marathon; it takes time, effort, and preparation.  Why would you want to make this even harder?

Search engine optimization
Just about everyone has heard about search engine optimization by now. So I am going to skip the nitty-gritty details and just go over a few highlights.

Search engine optimization can be broken into 3 basic components:

Keyword research
This was covered at great length in the above sections.
On page optimization
You want your keyword phrase in your domain as well as your title tags, h1 tags, etc. (If any of this is new to you then go read Your Grandma’s Guide To Search Engine Optimization and Keywords)
Back link building
You need to have other websites link to your website because each link is like a vote. And the more votes you get the better. We will go more in depth into this in a later section.

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