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How to Build Backlinks Super Fast and easy

Today I’m going to show you a fast way to build one-way backlinks which is part of my Back Link Bible and one of many backlink tricks you’ll learn from this Secret SEO Guide. (Note this post was originally published in May, 2010.)

The Recipe

There are many ways to get backlinks to your site. A few methods are worth your time. And many are not worth your time. I am going to give you a recipe for getting massive amounts of backlinks in a very short amount of time. This is a recipe that is used by the gurus to get tons of traffic. It is vitally important that you complete each step of the recipe. Here is the recipe to follow:
  1. Quick & Dirty Search Engine Optimization
  2. Social Bookmarking Made Easy
  3. Become A Top Commenter On Blogs
  4. Social Bookmark The Blogs
  5. More Ideas
  6. Consider Outsourcing
Each step of the recipe has its own section.
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Quick & Dirty Search Engine Optimization

Before I get into building backlinks I want to say a quick word about search engine optimization. Optimizing your site will greatly increase the effectiveness of your backlink building efforts.Keywords in domain You must make sure that your keywords are in your domain. For example if your site is about poodle manicures then ideally your site would be PoodleMaincures.com or Poodle-Maincures.com Keywords in title tags You must make sure that your keywords are in your title tags. For example if your site is about poodle manicures then your title tags would look something like: <title>Poodle Manicures</h3> Keywords in h1 tags You must make sure that your keywords are in your h1 tags. For example if your site is about poodle manicures then your h1 tags would look something like: <h1>Poodle Manicures</h1> These are the basic things I recommend. To learn more about search engine optimization go to:http://nickstraffictricks.com/329_search-engine-optimization-and-keywords/

Social Bookmarking Made Easy

This is the hardest step in the whole process but it well worth your time. Get Firefox First you need to use the Firefox web browser. We’ll be using some of the plugins for Firefox to get traffic. Download Firefox: http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/ The Power of OnlyWireOnlywire is afree paid service that allows you submit your site to 30 social bookmarking sites with a click of a button. Right now the social bookmarking sites OnlyWire will submit to are:
  1. Ask
  2. Bebo
  3. Bibsonomy
  4. Blinklist
  5. BookmarkSync
  6. Connotea
  7. del.icio.us
  8. Digg
  9. Diigo
  10. Facebook
  11. Faves
  12. Google Bookmarks
  13. Jumptags
  14. Linkatopia
  15. Mister Wong
  16. Mixx
  17. Multiply
  18. MySpace
  19. Newsvine
  20. Plaxo
  21. Propeller
  22. Reddit
  23. Simpy
  24. Slashdot
  25. Spurl
  26. Stumbleupon
  27. Technorati
  28. Tumblr
  29. Twitter
  30. Yahoo Bookmarks
I made a quick video covering OnlyWire: http://nickstraffictricks.com/1570_video-social-bookmarking-made-easy/ Signup for OnlyWire: http://www.onlywire.com

Become A Top Commenter On Blogs

The basic idea The basic idea is to find blogs that have the “Top Commentator” widget installed. For example the blog QuickSprout ( http://www.quicksprout.com ) has this widget installed and you can see it on the right side of the main page:The people with the most comments on the blog are rewarded with a link back to their own site. Looking at the list above you can see that Prostate Problems (8)has placed 8 comments and gets a free backlink. The best part is this widget is shown on every page of the blog. So every page of this blog has a backlink to Prostate Problems. But how many pages does this blog have? We can get a count by going to Google and searching for:
This blog has 193 pages! If you’re one of the top commenters of this site then your backlink appears on 193 pages. How cool is that? A Quick Word About NoFollow There has recently been a lot of discussion about NoFollow and if it really matters. (For an explanation of NoFollow and why it is important to go to: http://nickstraffictricks.com/1168_why-nofollow-matters-and-how-to-find-blogs-that-dont-use-it/) Personally, I think the jury is still out on this. At this point I recommend becoming the top commentator only on blogs that do not use NoFollow. It certainly will not hurt you.
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How to find these blogs

The toughest part of all of this is finding blogs with the top commentator widget and that are DoFollow. I spent several hours doing this and created a list of 30+blogs that have the top commentator widget and that are DoFollow and put the list at the bottom of this blog post.

Social Bookmark The Blogs

Once you are one of the top commentators on a blog your backlink will be on every one of their pages. Now you want the search engines to take notice. To do this you simply submit the blog’s home page or newest blog post to social bookmarking sites using OnlyWire. This should take about a minute of your time.

More Ideas

Another way to get a blog noticed by the search engine is to make a blogspot blog and on it link to all the blogs that now have backlinks to your site. Next submit the BlogSpot blog to OnlyWire.ExampleLet’s say you have a site called PoodleManicures.com and you have become the top commentator on blogs alpha.com and beta.com. You go to BlogSpot and signup for a free blog. To help the search engines index blogs alpha.com and beta.com (and see your backlinks) you place links to alpha.com and beta.com on your BlogSpot blog. Next you submit your BlogSpot blog to OnlyWire. You can use this same strategy with Squidoo lenses too. To do this you simply go to squidoo.com and make a free Squidoo lens. Next you link to blogs alpha.com and beta.com on your Squidoo lens. Next you submit your Squidoo lens to OnlyWire. Doing this will help ensure that the search engines come index blogs alpha.com and beta.com and see the backlinks to your site.

Consider Outsourcing

As time goes on you and you make money I recommend you invest some of your profits and hire someone to help you with your work. A lot of people suggest using elance or guru.com. I recommend first tying to hire a friend or family member you trust.

Before You Begin Commenting…

Before you begin there are several things you need to be aware of:
  1. Leave good comments You must leave good & thoughtful comments on a blog.  If you leave spammy comments then the blog owner will delete them and they may ban you from making future comments.  Join the community and contribute something.
  2. Be patient Some blogs require all comments to be approved by the blog owner before the comment shows up.  If this is the case then bookmark the page where you expect the comment to show up and revisit the page a day later.
  3. PageRank Changes I have sorted the blogs below according to PageRank.  PageRank does change periodically change and if one of the blogs below has a different PageRank then leave a comment at the bottom of this page.
  4. Consider Low PageRank Sites There is a lot more competition for the top commentator spots on blogs that have a high PageRank.  So you may want to start with blogs where it’s easy to become a top commentator.
  5. You may have to search The list of “Top Commentators” is usually on the right side of the blog, but once in a while it’s at the very bottom of the blog.  You may have to spend a minute searching for it.

Here a bunch of blogs that have the Top Commentator Widget and are DoFollow

(Note:  Sometimes blogs change the widget to nofollow or they’ll remove the widget completely.)
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PageRank 7
  • http://www.quicksprout.com
PageRank 5
  • http://www.kongtechnology.com
PageRank 4
  • http://www.pureblogging.com/
  • http://www.jonathanvolk.com/
  • http://www.affiliateconfession.com
PageRank 3
  • http://createdcash.com/
  • http://www.infectedbybugs.com/
  • http://blogaboutyourblog.com/
  • http://uberaffiliate.com/
  • http://www.marketing-business-review.com
  • http://www.tylercruz.com
  • http://myblog2day.com
  • http://cashtactics.net
  • http://www.youthonlinedegree.com
  • http://www.insightwriter.com
  • http://www.fromzerotoseo.com
  • http://www.internetbusinesspath.com
  • http://www.blogtrepreneur.com
PageRank 2
  • http://ultimatetattookits.com/blog/
  • http://www.ecobloke.co.uk/
  • http://www.imbloggingthat.com/
  • http://allisonreynolds.com/blog/
  • http://www.datmoney.com
  • http://letssermo.com
  • http://ahwee.com
  • http://sargentmarketing.com/blog/
PageRank 1
  • http://stophairbreakage.org
  • http://www.savvyaffiliate.com/Blog/
  • http://www.techcounter.com
PageRank 0
  • http://www.blog.joblified.com/
  • http://www.ededition.com/
  • http://mcmunny.blogspot.com/
Forums (you get a backlink in the signature when you post a message)
  • DoFollow forum

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