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SEO WordPress plugins for your blog

SEO WordPress plugins for your blog

WordPress gives you a platform to develop your website and present it to the rest of the world. It could be an article or an image or a status message or anything that you may think of posting on your website that has been created on the platform of WordPress. You have no restrictions to share on WordPress, and make your presence felt.
The best way to increase traffic to your WordPress website is ‘Search Engines’. WordPress is a powerful platform and it gets yet more powerful with the use of certain SEO plugins, to draw more traffic to your website, and we are going to discuss these plugins. Undoubtedly, it is easy to use WordPress, but these plugins give you different approaches for strengthening your optimization techniques.
So what are you waiting for! Let us get started with these wonderful and easy going plugins:

SEO Smart Links

On page optimization is a very important strategy that needs to be followed for search engines, but you do not have to worry about doing it manually. SEO Smart Links plugin will interlink all your blogs or any kind of posts in your website, automatically.
It will also automate the linking of your keywords with the posts or comments for particular posts. Linking of keywords with all pages and categories will be done easily. To make any changes in the settings of the plugins, you ought to use the administration panel.

All In One SEO Pack

You do not need to know anything about codes, if you want to make changes to the title tags, Meta tags, post format or Meta keywords. The reason is the All In One SEO Pack plugin. This plugin is very popular among bloggers and the internet marketers, all you need to know is, how to use it properly.
It will create a Meta description for your website, by taking the first 160 words from your post, which will save you a good deal of time. Now isn’t that great!

WordPress SEO By Yoast

WordPress SEO By Yoast is a free plugin that can be used extensively by the bloggers, to get better ranks in the search engines. It takes care of your Meta tag, title tag, Meta description, sitemap and more.
Before it appears in the search engines, you can have a snippet preview of your post and if needed, you can make the required changes, before it appears in the search engines.

Google Site Verification

An important step to optimize your website is to verify your website on Google’s webmaster tools. There are many methods to verify your website in webmaster tools, but they are tedious too. An easy approach would be using Google Site Verification plugin. Upon installation, you need to login to your Google account, choose ‘verify’ and acknowledge the ‘access’ permission. Now, you’re ready to go ahead with the optimization process.

Google XML Sitemap

If you have a strong idea to optimize your website for search engines, then we austerely recommend you to install Google XML Sitemap. Once you have installed this plugin, you do not have to work on it anymore, as it will continue doing its job. The Google XML Sitemap plugin is used to develop and submit a sitemap. This sitemap makes it easy for the crawlers to retrieve information from your website, as the website data will be organized and indexed.
All the website pages that are created using WordPress, will be supported by this plugin. Search engines will be updated, every time you make any change in your website.

Broken links checker

If your website has broken links, then these links could be responsible for degrading your position in the search engines. To avoid this issue, you can make use of Broken links checker plugin. This plugin can be used periodically, to check all the links of your website, both external and internal links will be checked. If any of them is detected to be broken, you will be intimated about its status with recommended solutions to fix it.
WordPress plugins play a crucial role in search engine optimization. Consequently, your website may achieve better rankings in the SERP results. Use these easily available plugins, to make your online presence felt.

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